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  • GP Information – GP Singapore 2018 – Event publicity


    Date: Jun 22 – 24 2018

    Format: Standard

    Venue: Singapore Expo(Singapore Expo 1 Expo Drive Singapore 486150)

    Online Registration Fee: $70(USD) ( please click here.)

    on-site :100 SGD


    1.Playmat Package

    Online Registration Fee: $20(USD) 

    Playmat Package include:

    ① 2018 Grand Prix SINGAPORE Playmat

    Eligibility to register for 【Better Value Last Chance Trial】


     2. Super Package

    Online Registration Fee: $23(USD)


    •   Free Entry “Super Last Chance Trial ” (buy super package main event registration only)

    All players who has signed up for GP Singapore will get 3 vouchers valued at a total of 15 SGD for Side Events registration sponsored by GREY OGRE GAMES.  

     (Please proceed to the prize wall counter to receive the vouchers)
    Each voucher offers a discount of 5 SGD for Side Events registration 

       (The coupon may only be used if the side event entry fee is more than 20 SGD, and not valid with other side event promotions. Only one voucher may be used per entry.)


     (picture for reference only)

    Note: 10 Tix=1 DOM booster pack


    Rob Alexander

    Mathias Kollros

    Lius Lasahido 

    Lake Hurwitz

     25th anniversary birthday celebrations Wizards official activities  

    (1) Unlimited Draft Qualifiers

    Grand Prix Singapore – 25th Anniversary Special Event – Unlimited Rochester Draft Qualifier Preregistration:

    Format: DOM Sealed

    Online preregistration price for 1 qualifier: $35 US Dollars (  please click here.)

    Onsite registration price: $55 Singapore Dollars

    Events name:

    Qualifier#1 Friday 10:00 am

    Qualifier#2 Friday 12:00 pm

    Qualifier#3 Friday 2:00 pm

    Qualifier#4 Friday 4:00 pm

    Qualifier#5 Saturday 12:00 pm

    Qualifier#6 Saturday 2:00 pm

    Qualifier#7 Saturday 4:00 pm

    Qualifier#8 Sunday 9:30 am

    Unlimited Rochester Draft Qualifier Prizes:

    1st – Invite to Sunday Unlimited Rochester Draft

    2nd – additional 800 Prize Tickets

    3rd /4th – additional 400 Prize Tickets

    12 Match points – 300 Prize Tickets

    10-11 Match points – 200 Prize Tickets

    9 Match points – 100 Prize Tickets

    7-8 Match points – 50 Prize Tickets

    (10 Prize Tickets can be exchanged for 1 DOM booster pack at the Prize Wall)

     (2)Throwback Draft




    Entry Fee


    Friday  pm 3:00

    FRF-KTK-KTK Booster Draft

    27 SGD

    3rounds Single Elimination

    30 Prize Tix per match won.

    3Wins – each players 25th anniversary playmat

    Saturday pm 3:00

    RAV-GPT-DIS Booster Draft

    67 SGD

    Sunday pm 3:00

    DKA-ISD-ISD Booster Draft

    54 SGD

    image.png   (picture for reference only)

    (3) there will be sales booths around the fireball site, which will sell all kinds of souvenir perms that surprise you. 


    (4) 25th anniversary million wisdom birthday celebration Weishi Chi official activities                                                                                                     This year is the 25th anniversary birthday of the wisdom card. We will hold a 25th anniversary birthday party in Singapore GP.  In addition to the special competitions mentioned above, our party will also have celebrities, famous artists and symposiums.            

    On Friday, June 22nd, we also prepared a delicious 25th anniversary birthday cake for everyone to enjoy.            

    The player arriving on Friday will also be able to fight the wizards with the wizards, and you will have the opportunity to challenge the top executives in this memorable day.           

     We will do our best to provide the most unforgettable celebration experience for the players. I hope you will have fun! 

    Pro Tour Qualifier



    Entry Fee


    Sunday     13:00 pm


    67 SGD

    Maximum Capacity: 512 Players. 5 Rounds   (<257 Players), 6 Rounds (>256 Players)

    Cut to Top 8

    1st -  Invitation + Flight to Pro Tour

    2nd - 4 Additional Booster boxes+ foil 25th anniversary playmat

    3rd/4th - 2 Additional Booster boxes+ foil 25th anniversary playmat

    5th/8th - 2 Additional Booster boxes

    18 Match Points - 800 Prize Tix

    16-17 Match Points - 700 Prize Tix

    15 Match Points - 600 Prize Tix

    13-14 Match Points - 500 Prize Tix

    12 Match Points - 400 Prize Tix

    10-11 Match Points - 250 Prize Tix

    9 Match Points - 100 Prize Tix

     Last Chance Trial

    Events name



    Entry Fee


    Super Last Chance Trial*  Main Event Registration Super Package Only

    Friday am 10:30


     Super Package Pre-Registration Required

    4rounds   Single Elimination

    4wins-300tix+2byes   3wins-300tix



     Participate in the event- 1 foil GP Basic land


    Last Chance Trial Sealed

    Friday  12:00-17:00


    40 SGD


    Last   Chance Trial Standard



    27 SGD

    Better Value Last Chance Trial**                            Buy Playmat Package Only

    Friday pm 3:00


    25 SGD


    On Friday June 22nd, the final qualifying match will be held in the periphery, and the winning players will be eligible for byes. Players who want to win byes don't miss the last chance!  Every player participating in LCT can get a GP flash base locally. 

    image.png (picture for reference only)

  • GP Information – GP Singapore 2018 – Hotel Recommendation

    Panda Events has secured a favourable rate for the recommended hotel!


    Hotel name:Park Avenue Changi 

    Hotel's address :2 Changi Business Park Ave 1 Singapore 486015                                            blob.png

    Hotel Website:http://parkavenueintl.com/parkavenuechangi/

    Hotel phone:+65 6830 8360